Busy Summer!

Please pray for us as we have a busy, busy summer ahead. Here is our schedule:

June 28-July 3 Richard leading disaster relief team in Tuscaloosa, AL
July 7-10 Richard leading Chattanooga Mission Trip with Youth Group from KY
July 11-15 Richard leading domestic mission trip to Eutaw, AL
July 27-31 Some friends are paying for us to have a vacation to the Bahamas! (THANK YOU!)

August 1-13 Richard leading teams/translating in the Dominican Republic
August 19-29 Trip to San Diego, Tucson, and Las Vegas to share with churches

September 1-10 Richard leading a team of 13 men to complete three projects in Brazil

We are so thankful for the opportunities that God has given us. Please pray that we can clearly communicate the vision He has given us to the churches and individuals that we come in contact with.

Thanks for your prayers!

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