Thankful Thursday: God Knows What\’s Up

Anytime someone asks me, \”What\’s up?\” my general response is, \”Nothing much, how about you?\”

That is, in fact, a lie. There is a lot that\’s \”up\”. And no doubt there is a lot that\’s \”up\” with the other person even though their response is likely to be the same.

That\’s what it\’s like when it comes to sharing about our ministry. Generally speaking, we have an average of 10 minutes to share about what God is doing in the Amazon.

Ten minutes to talk about:
-The dozens of various tribes in the region
-The estimated 68 that are uncontacted
-The fact that 1,000 children under the age of 2 died in the Javari Valley alone last year due to preventable disease and that we can do something about it with the right resources
-The fact that without an aircraft, travel is next to impossible
-The fact that there is little to no work being done to reach these tribes
-Our goals in terms of reaching them
-All that God has already done and continues to do in the region
-The amazing and incredible doors that He has opened for us
-The language barriers that we will face
-The cultural barriers that we will face
-etc., etc., etc.

As I sit here and think about all the details of how God brought us to where we are, what He is doing to make His name known among these tribes, how much He loves these people who need Him, and the fact that He has called we who are weak and helpless to be His hands and feet… I get a little overwhelmed.

And that\’s why I\’m thankful that today, God knows what\’s up.

He knows my doubts and fears. He knows that we need our house to sell quickly. He knows that we need to raise the rest of our support. He knows that we need funds to purchase an aircraft. He knows that we need Him to open doors and lead the way.

And most of all, He knows that these tribes need Him. He knows because He\’s the one who sent His only Son to die for their souls. He hasn\’t forgotten.

So even when I feel frustrated and overwhelmed, I can just rest in the fact that God knows what\’s up. And that brings peace.

He\’s just good like that.

God knows what\’s up in your life, too. Rest in the peace that He offers.
\”My yoke is easy, and my burden is light.\” – Jesus Christ

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