So What or So That

I went to a women\’s conference last night with a new friend of mine from here at JAARS, the ministry Richard\’s training with.

The message title was \”Sometimes He Whispers, Sometimes He Roars\”. I was particularly interested in this because my prayer life has been…. well…. lacking severely in recent days. I thought, \”Maybe this will give me a much needed boost/perspective.\” I admit that as lame as it may be to \”need\” a reason to pray, sometimes that is the case for me. [Any one out there understand this??]

As the conference began I immediately got the impression that I wasn\’t going to get what I had come for.

But turns out that was totally fine because God had a little something else to say to me. You may have read my post about quote journaling, where I like to write down quotes that inspire me, encourage me, and challenge me so I can reference them later. Well, I left with only one written down:

\”Your life can either be a \”so what\” or a \”so that\”.\”

At first I thought, \”Hm. Interesting thought.\” Then the Holy Spirit said, \”Listen to what I\’m saying to you.\”

That usually gets my attention.

My life can either be a \”so what\” or a \”so that\”. I can live in such a way that when the end comes around, whether that\’s tomorrow or when I\’m 95, all that can be said is, \”So what? She lived, she died. And eternity is no different because of it.\”

Or, I can live in such a way that all of my actions, both intentional and unintentional, are done \”so that\” God\’s Kingdom can be furthered. I could live in such a way that when the end comes, others can say, \”She lived so that others may live.\”


Pretty profound.

Going through my day today, I find myself asking, \”Is what I\’m doing a \”so what\” or a \”so that\”?\” Whether it\’s browsing the web, cleaning my house, teaching my son, encouraging my husband, reading, writing, praying, listening, learning, loving, laughing….. is it something that really matters?

Guess God gave me the perspective I needed.

Are you living a \”so what\” or a \”so that\” life?

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