Orientation and off we go!

Last weekend we had orientation with Dave Marvin (VP of Enlistment and Enrichment for SCORE International) up in Elkhart, IN. We had a great time and Dave gave us a lot of useful information and tools to begin raising funds. We were also able to visit with some of our good friends that we met during our time in Argentina a few years ago. It\’s always nice to catch up!

Right now we are working on getting all of our support raising materials together. We\’ve come up with a brochure design, prayer magnet design, and we\’ve typed up the letter to send to all of our previous supporters, family, and friends (watch your mail boxes!) We hope to get it in the mail this weekend. We had originally hoped to get it out in January, but we are quickly learning that things don\’t always work out as we plan, so we are not letting it discourage us.

God has been so good to us already this year and it\’s been very interesting watching Him at work. He doesn\’t always work like we imagine, but He is so faithful to do what He knows is best. It gives me great peace of mind to know that HE is in control and not ME!

Richard is having some \”transition\” at his job which frees him up some to work more on our missionary things. We are very excited to get moving and we appreciate your prayers for us on this journey.

We are on our way!!

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