First Conferences…

Well, we finally got our letters in the mail yesterday. We are hoping these will jump start our prayer support first of all as well as encourage people to consider supporting us financially.

We are so very excited about the ministry that God has laid on our hearts! We got an e-mail yesterday from MAG (Missionary Air Group), the ministry Richard will most likely do some flight training with once we complete the apprenticeship with MMS (Lord willing). Sean Donnelly (the president of MAG) said that they are hoping to get 2-4 more airplanes in the next 12-24 months for ministry in Central America. This just goes to show there is a tremendous need for missionary aviation. Every day, people in these areas are dying without Christ because no one has reached them with the life changing Gospel. We are very passionate about getting to the field quickly to assist in reaching these people with the hope and joy that we have.

Next week we will be travelling down to Orlando, FL to participate in our very first missions conference! We are so pumped! It is being held at First Baptist Church of Central Florida. It is going to be a great time to share about the ministry of SCORE International as well as the part we will be playing. It was awesome to see this door open as this is not a church that we contacted personally, but one that contacted SCORE requesting a rep to come and share during their conference. A similar situation happened with Murdock Baptist in Port Charlotte, FL and we will be going down there in May to share during their conference.

God is already at work!

We will continue to keep you updated as we continue on our journey to the field.

Thanks for the prayers!

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