Thankful Thursday: God doesn\’t live in a box

Some reasons we may wish that God did live in a box:
Just looking at Him makes your face all shiny. I don\’t think any amount of Biore strips can help that. [Exodus 34:30]
He can make the earth eat you. Which I imagine isn\’t  a pleasant experience. [Exodus 26:10]
He can turn people to salt. Not good for you.[Genesis 19:26]
He can destroy cities with fire and sulfur. You don\’t want to be a part of that. [Genesis 19:24]
He can send frogs to take over. And frogs are gross.[Exodus 8:5]
And He\’s easy to control when we put Him inside of our minds. 
Some reasons I\’m glad that God doesn\’t live in a box:
He\’s smarter than we are. Even you fifth graders out there. [Isaiah 55:8]
He\’s more powerful than we are. Boo-ya. [Psalm 147:5]
He raises people from the dead. Ever tried that? [John 11:43-44]
He created, like, everything. [Genesis 1:1]
He died for me. And you. [John 3:16]
And He is so very, very good all the time. Because of who He is, not who we make Him.
So, if you\’re trying to get God to squish inside of your own preconceived ideas about Him… better get some duct tape. He\’s hard to contain.

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